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Khula strives to create a supportive, safe and fun learning centre for children with individual learning needs while also providing parents with the necessary assistance to help their children succeed academically. We take an holistic approach to development, focusing on physical, social and emotional skills along with academics to help every Khula Kid grow to their full potential. 

While Khula provides holistic developmental and educational support services, please note that we are not a school. We are a tutor centre that offers educational support services to home-schooled learners.


K H U L A  O F F E R S

-   Full and part-time academic tutoring

- Afternoon program is available to Khula learners and their siblings until 17:00 daily

-   Therapeutic horse riding

-   Afterschool tutor and learning support classes

- Assistance with parenting strategies and development and implementation of behaviour plans for home or school


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